[Scribus] best conversion path from CorelDraw11 -> Scribus

Tariq Rashid tariq.rashid
Mon Feb 21 17:03:54 CET 2005


its that ols chestnut of a question that's best answered by through

I'm creating my original designs (logos, page decoration, page elements) in
CorelDraw 11 (updates will all current updates, sp1, sp2, svg filter).

I can export from CorelDraw into various formats such as eps and svg.

However - I have limited success in importing the results into scribus. EPS
works fine - except the imported colours are visibly deviated from the Corel
colours (corel->png preserves the colours). Also the imported EPS seems to
converted to bitmap? this sounds strange but if you zoom in on the final
scribus->pdf pdf file you'll see the pixels. some images have a low pixel

other problems with eps include mangled text. exporting from corel with
"text to curves" does help but if i move the image about the scribus page
the reuslting characters get mangled.

so i tried svg. disaster! invisible components. no colors. one black
component! yuk!

so i tried an intermediary ... inkscape... import eps to inkscape... export
as svg... this improves the situation vut the colours are wrong again!

Does anyone have a good "process" for moving vector images from Corel to
Scribus with minimal damage!

Crazy - i experenced the same issues back in the days of windows 3.1 and the
apps that were around then .. wmf, dxf .. 

someone suggested using the inkscape "export as plain svg" - i didn't notice
the option - is tis likely?

by the way - congratulations on an excellent product - Scribus is a joy to
use! and fills on the gaps that kept me using windows.... inkscape is coming
along very well too! soon i won't need to use Corel!

i use scribus from mandrake 10.1 official - which i guess pulls in the
littlecms as a dependency?


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