[Scribus] book cover - preparing the file - Help

Ciro A. Soto cirosoto
Fri Feb 18 23:28:17 CET 2005

I am preparing the cover of my first book and have
some questions. I have never gone to a printer before,
I am kind of wondering what my files should be/have.

Q1) In scribus, when printing the pdf file with the
cover design, what setting should I take a look? 

Q2) How about the CMYK business? My pictures where
loaded as tif files in rgb (output from GIMP), so,
what should I do
to make it CMYK during the pdf file production? Do I
need to make the file CMYK? or the printer convert the
color space?

Q3) How could I check that the colors I see in my
will be the same when printed? Is there any way to see
the result without telling the printer to run a job
with their machines? How about if I go to Kinkos and
print one copy? How much off would it be?

My system: linux fedora core 3, scribus, linux,
inkscape, b/w laser printer.

thank you...


Ciro A. Soto
Author of
"The Guitar Maker. 
An Exploration of Wisdom, Design and Love." Pub. Date: Dec. 2005.

"All problems are at the interface. Each one of them has a solution."

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