[Scribus] Two ideas from an earlier DTP app

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Fri Feb 18 16:53:27 CET 2005

telkomsa3036 at telkomsa.net schrieb:
> A typical initial set of coding at the start of the story might look
> something like this: >f 131<>h 8.7<>ld 9<>paj<>ql<>is 12<>ehyp
> 1<>global<>is< ... calling for font no 131, font size 8.7pt, leading 9pt,

yes, it looked something like that, I remember :-) and yet different, 
like with "/" and so on. Hm. Maybe I could ask him if someone's 
interested in it.

> Rolf's friend is right ... it does make formatting ridiculously fast

But you have to learn the commands first :-)


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