[Scribus] disable antialias

KAmeleon :: grafiKA grafika
Fri Feb 18 15:17:03 CET 2005

Is it possible to disable text aliasing in text frames?
My opinion is the slowness of displaying (and scrolling) through pages with
a lot of text is caused by antialiasing or, in other words, the antialiasing
is the main factor why Scribus is rather slow. Usually, DTP applications
have an option to disable antialiasing (or to enable "low quality preview"
or something like that), so the text on the screen looks not-so-great, but
the speed is improved.

I would like to do that in Scribus, because the rendering on my screen is
perfect (at all zoom levels), but it is not so important while editing pages
of a magazine as the speed-factor is.

I turned off antialiasing of screen fonts in KDE manager and didn't find
this kind of option in qtconfig.

Any suggestions?


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