[Scribus] Two ideas from an earlier DTP app

Boštjan Špetič igzebedze
Fri Feb 18 13:09:36 CET 2005

> 1. Layers were indicated as frames in different colors around the
> text/image boxes.

cute. i like it.

> 2. With a special key you could call a small input dialog, just 1 line
> or so, for invoking special formatting codes. I think my friend
> explained to me that these were the codes for a machine previously used
> for layouting in the printing world (Linotype???). Anyway, formatting
> was made ridiculously fast by just typing some codes, and the whole
> paragraph or text was re-alined. (He admitted that hardly anyone from
> the DTP world knew these codes anymore and he considered himself kinda
> dinosaur still using them...)

hey, now that could be useful... why should an exeprienced user have to point and clik all paragraph styles, when they get wirtten as text in the and anyway... one could even have history / presets of such 'lines'...
i like it.

regards, bostjan

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