[Scribus] Re: I'm looking for a Portable Document Format (not PDF)

Nik scribus
Thu Feb 17 13:25:28 CET 2005

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful responses.

 > What readers are you using? The Scribus team prefers Acroreader and
 > sometimes kpdf which is improving quite much.

I am running linux Fedora Core 2.

The PDF readers I have, and had tried are:

* xpdf v3.0 (supports PDF 1.5)
* GNOME PDF viewer v0.131
* kpdf v0.3
* KGhostView 0.20 (is using GhostScript 8.33 beta)
* I also tried whatever PDF viewer Mac OSX uses.

The only way I could view and/or print these documents was with Acrobat 
6 or Acrobat 7, on a (borrowed) PC.

* I thought one of the PDF readers on my KDE menu was Acrobat, but on 
closer inspection, I find I was mistaken. Having just tried Acroreader 
5.0.10 on my machine, I find that while it isn't as nice to use or look 
at as Kpdf, it does render more things. (I haven't tried the entire set 
of documents that caused me trouble, but acroread did produce better 
renders and hardcopy on the few pages I tested, than any other reader on 
my linux machine.)

I would also agree that Kpdf has come a long way quite quickly, and is 
looking set to be extremely useful.

For me, it seems that I need to be patient for just a little longer yet. 
When and if acroreader 7 arrives, or Kpdf achieves comparable results, 
then I should finally be able to handle PDFs without borrowing a 
machine. Until then, now that I actually have access to acroread, I 
(hopefully) won't have to borrow quite as often as I have been this week.

And finally, having the OOo format becoming more widely visible and 
useable would open a number of exciting opportunities.

Thanks again for your responses.


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