[Scribus] I'm looking for a Portable Document Format (not PDF)

Thomas R. Koll tomk32
Wed Feb 16 08:45:44 CET 2005

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 05:24:04PM +0000, Nik wrote:
> However, I have struggled this week with various PDF documents I have 
> received that are incompatable with my various PDF readers in a variety 
> of ways.

what readers are you using? The Scribus team prefers Acroreader and sometimes
kpdf which is improving quite much.

> accurate exchange of documents. Sadly, Adobe are taking PDF in much same 
> direction that Microsoft took the Word file-format, where frequent 
> changes to the format meant that folks were forever playing version 
> catch-up.

Unlike M$ the folks at Adobe are wise enough to publish the specifications.

And if you only have to implement it, it's a lot easier then
reverse engineering some M$ file-format.

I think you should either change your reader or send those
PDFs you can't open to the programmers of that reader.

ciao, tom
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