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Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke
Tue Feb 15 10:36:09 CET 2005

Am Dienstag, 15. Februar 2005 08:46 schrieb Craig Ringer:

> The main goal with the extension script code was to make it possible to
> use PyQt to add new palettes and windows to the Scribus GUI. I expect
> this to be useful for things like content management system interfaces.
> With things like content management systems, there's a lot of variation
> site-to-site and system-to-system, and the coding to interface to them
> tends to involve lots of networking etc. Python with PyQt should be well
> suited to writing the tools to integrate a site's content management
> system with Scribus. It looks like it's useful for OpenClipArt too ;-) .

Thanks for your notes about this. 

I am using the Content Management System Plone which is based on Zope. Both 
are written in Python. So your words are quite interesting for me. I know 
that someone tries to use scribus as an PDF-Backend for a Zope-Site, to 
export webpages as well designed PDF-pages. He fails because scribus does not 
run in "server-mode". 

The Zope Community is totally pythonic so perhaps it would be useful to have 
some common discussions about this. If you like to get in touch with them 
have a look at http://www.zope.org, http://plone.org or use som irc-channel 
on freenode like #plone or #zope .

I am promoting scribus in the german Zope Community that means the DZUG e.V. 
(http://www.zope.de) is doing its artwork with scribus.

juh's Sudelbuch http://www.sudelbuch.de
Libera Folio http://www.liberafolio.org
B?rgerportale http://www.buergerportal.de
Generationenprojekt http://www.generationenprojekt.de
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