[Scribus] pdf forms

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Mon Feb 14 20:27:50 CET 2005

>> From: wayne
>> Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 2:14 PM
>> Been meaning to ask about this. What's the difference between an
>> online pdf form and an HTML form that we see in most web pages? Why
>> would I want to use (create) a pdf form? I do use HTML forms and I
>> noticed the pdf form creation commands in Scribus and I was
>> wondering why people use them.

Suppose you have a paper form that you want filled out.  You can
either have it:

1) filled out by hand.  This makes it harder on the person reading
   the form and can introduce errors when their writing is poor, or
2) put it in an old-fashioned (TM) typewriter.  That requires the
   person filling out the form to have a typewriter and spend the
   effort to get the type lined up with all the spaces on the form.

With a PDF form, I can download a form from the web, fill it out on
my computer and print it out.  For instance, before I did my taxes
on the computer, I'd type my form 1040 on a PDF form and print it
out for mailing to the IRS.  The last time I renewed my passport I
did the same thing.  The forms are submitted on paper but can be
typed on the computer.


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