[Scribus] PDF fillable forms tab order

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon Feb 14 18:44:43 CET 2005

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 01:58:55 -0600
robert <robert at spotswood-computer.net> wrote:

> In trying to another problem, I came across bug  0000865 ("Allow changing tab 
> order of PDF form fields"). Maybe it's just me, but I can change them, at 
> least within a page (haven't tried it with multiple pages) without recreating 
> them. I'm using 1.2.2cvs Jan 29, 2005, but was doing this with an earlier 
> version too.
> Apparently, if you just change the level of the field (Properties -> X,Y,Z; at 
> the bottom), it changes the tab order. Make the first field level 0, then the 
> next one you want to tab to level 1 and so on. Tested it with Reader 5 on 
> Linux and Reader 7 on Win2000. Can anyone confirm this? 

Confirmed, it works, well found! Looks, like bug 865 can be resolved :)

Also, can anyone 
> explain what level is supposed to do (other than changing tab order 
> apparently)?

Level means stack order of objects on a layer -- try putting one text
frame over another one and see what happens, when you change their


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