[Scribus] Extensions are great

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Mon Feb 14 18:44:15 CET 2005


I think extensions are one of the greatest new features in Scribus.
The attached file shows how PyQt can extend the GUI. 

The only problems are 
 - PyQt thinks that qApp.mainWidget() is a QWidget instead of a QMainWindow
 - only the file-toolbar is recognized as a QToolBar, the other toolbars are
   casted to QDockWindow 
 - the startup script cannot access qApp.mainWidget() because the splash
   screen is still shown
(Even cooler would be to wrap the Scribus classes with sip.)

BTW, is it possible to run an extension in a background thread while Scribus
runs without blocking the GUI? I have written an XMLRPC-server which exports
the Scripter API to control Scribus from outside and with other languages.

Thanks again for your work :-)

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