[Scribus] two scribus questions

Gustavo Homem gustavo
Mon Feb 14 11:49:03 CET 2005

Good evening,

I have just subscribed to this list. After using scribus for a while together 
with some friends, there are some questions we would like to pose:

1) What is the "official" PDF viewer to use with Scribus ?

	The ghostview based views (gv, kghostview) do not render the scribus 
generated PDFs (ghostscript returns errors).Xpdf renders the document but the 
fonts are not accurate. Acrobat Reader 5 for Linux produces the best result 
but the fonts are usually blurred and show antialiasing artifacts. Acrobat 
Reader 7 for windows, shows the PDF perfectly.

An example PDF to illustrate the problem can be found here:


It has embbeded fonts (Microsoft Fonts installed on Linux: Verdana, Trebuchet, 

2) Isn't there a way to to insert a file into a running scribus session ?  
(like gimp-remote)

	Calling scribus twice with two different files, opens two instances of 

Best regards

generation grep

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