[Scribus] [announce] CMYK Patch gets image support

Paraplegic Racehorse paraplegic_racehorse
Sun Feb 13 16:32:11 CET 2005

David Purton wrote:

>I do have access to an ibook at work, but with no X11 stuff on it at
>all, how long would I be looking at in getting scribus up and running on
>this from scratch? Where are the best docs on doing this?
X11 and the developer tools are on your [10.3 Panther] install CDs. 
However, don't bother installing the developer tools from your CDs. 
Instead, go to http://developer.apple.com (free membership required) and 
get the latest gcc and xCode disk image and install those. I forget how 
big the gcc package is, but the xCode image is about 450MB.

Then go to http://fink.sourceforge.net and install Fink. Install Scribus 
via the Fink debs. An alternative to using Apple's X11 environment is to 
install X11 and a wm from Fink debs.

Basically, you're looking at about a day to finish the install, 
depending on which processor and how much RAM you've got.

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