[Scribus] closing files without saving

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail
Sat Feb 12 13:32:07 CET 2005

David Christian Berg wrote:

>>However I think I agree with Mr Pittman and should rather change the order in the other programs instead. Save first seems "logical"
>Not quite, because in most cases the button you want to press is the one
>furthest to the right, not to the left. Therefore you want the
>"Save"-button to be right.
Hi all, I'm new to the list!
Breaking consitency with every other qt-program sound like a bad idea, 
(even if I'm personally more used to the gnome order of buttons).
I belive the functionality to change button order in gtk has been added 
recently, in able to be more consitent with win32-apps and kde-apps when 
one wishes to.
Does anyone know if something similar is planned for qt (qt4?)?
That would be the right way to solve this.
- Andreas Nilsson

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