[Scribus] Re: good vs. bad fonts

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Sat Feb 12 09:31:31 CET 2005

> obviously there are TONS of fonts out there to be had. not-so-obvious
> (at least to those of us relatively new to DTP) some of those fonts are
> good and some are not.
> so how do you tell? what's the best way to know if a font is a viable
> choice (outside of "look") for a publication?

If you're not into typography and font design it is very hard to tell. Most recommendations are to stick with "well known" fonts (like Times New Roman etc).

Note though that MANY of the fonts out there are NOT at all suitable for normalt headings or text body, but are rather more "artistic" fonts to use maybe for a magazine title and stuff like that.

I've been reading a lot about fonts (since I'm no professional) and the more I read the lesser I know:-)

This page for example have the very same document typset with 15 different fonts. And honestly, I can't tell the difference between some of them...
The document itself is a good source of information too.


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