[Scribus] closing files without saving

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sat Feb 12 04:58:14 CET 2005

>I wonder if anyone else has some occasional momentary confusion with 
>the popup that appears when you about to close a document or quit 
>Scribus and haven't saved.
>First of all, it seems that the labels that Gimp or OOffice use are 
>more to the point: Save, Discard (or Discard Changes), and Cancel. 
>Scribus' button 'Leave anyway' or 'Close anyway' seems rather weak 
>(passive) and not exactly to the point. I think it helps to see that 
>warning that something is about to be discarded.
>Also the visual order is I think important: Save, then Discard, then 
>Cancel reading left to right makes more sense.
>Sort of nitpicky, but it seems it wouldn't hurt to have some 
>commonality with other popular pieces of software. (I also don't 
>know what these translate to in other languages)

Hi Greg,

I think that you've put it very nicely. The "leave anyway" is not 
telling much to me either. It translate the same in French and so I 
guess the feeling is the same! Now the way to go is file a bug on 

? vous l'honneur!


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