[Scribus] print-ready output

Steve deRosier stevepub
Fri Feb 11 22:42:31 CET 2005


I'm trying to get some of my photos printed up at a print-shop 
(psprint.com) in order to make notecards, postcards, etc.  They provide 
templates in eps format.  They have several requirements for artwork 
submissions, but they do provide good help for many common software 
packages.  In short the requirements are CMKY color, 300 dpi, flattened 
image and .eps, .pdf, .jpg, .ps, .psd or .tiff format.

Obviously the file format is easy.  But how do I make sure my output is 
CMKY and at 300 dpi?  And of course my input files from my camera are 
72dpi, do I need to do anything to deal with that (I can mark them as 
300dpi via ImageMagic without resampling, should I do that)?

Also, how can I ensure my colors print with reasonable fidelity?  I've 
got littlecms and the adobe icc files, but without an icc for my camera 
(digital), specific to my monitor, or to their press, how do I do it? 
BTW, littlecms has discontinued their profiling tools, is there another 
source or replacement for the tools mentioned in the
Scribus documentation?

Sorry for all the questions, while I'm old hand at manual photo-printing 
techniques, this electronic photo editing and document layout thing is a 
whole new world to me.  And since I run Linux almost exclusively, 
Scribus and the Gimp are godsends, but the learning curve is a bit steep.

- Steve

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