[Scribus] updating CVS

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Feb 11 03:23:24 CET 2005

I have some concerns/questions:

1. Although I note that people are always directed to the Scribus site 
for info about CVS, it's really not easy to find; I always have to start 
searching around for it.  Eventually I find that the only way to get to 
the goodies is clicking on FAQ -- not the most obvious choice.

2. I have 3 computers that I try to keep updated with Scribus CVS, an 
Athlon XP, a 'plain' Athlon, and a Pentium 4 laptop.  All are running 
FC3 -- is it necessary to download/update CVS on each individually, 
compile, then install, or could  I copy the compiled files from one to 
the other?

3. When I do update/compile from CVS, do I need to do a 'make clean' 
each time?


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