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Ludi Maciel iludi
Thu Feb 10 22:28:44 CET 2005

Craig Bradney escreveu:

>On Thursday 10 February 2005 16:50, Craig Bradney wrote:
>>On Thursday 10 February 2005 16:43, bart at solozone.com wrote:
>>>well, Craig "preaches to the converted." I like 9.2 SuSE and am very
>>>happy I upgraded. A full upgrade of kde or gnome IN PLACE is very
>>>difficult however. It failed for me several times and wrecked my desktop.
>>>SuSE has had numerous fixes for gconf2 previously and I have mentioned
>>>this, too. The one for 9.1 in fact was for the full upgrade from the
>>>distribution disks itself! It is still on their site!
>>Now see, thats where distribution choice comes in.
>>For me:
>>emerge -uD kde
>>emerge -uD world
>>When its done, restart kde. All done.
>>Someone convince me theres an easier way? (Apart from those who dont wish
>>to compile....which is fair enough, but a different issue)
>In support of SuSE though, Peter never complains about a destroyed desktop or 
>anything untoward happening and I know hes used SuSE for awhile now... and 
>done upgrades, and done testing on various KDE betas too.

(not simple and smart like gentoo but ;)
In SuSE I update the KDE through yast. It's simple but you can face some 
problems with "deps" and get a trouble in stability.
In my way: If you really know your system, you can get a selection of 
packages, otherwise, get the whole folder. 
Go to yast and select the "change install source" (or something like 
that). Click in Add, select the local folder option, open the folder 
that you saved all your kde files. Click Ok, Ok again and again. Now you 
can open de install software option. Search to KDE (or select). You will 
notice that every new file are in blue color. Just click to update all 
files (one by one or all KDE).
Probably, some dialog warning you that the package X version XX  is a 
requirement to package Y version YY. Now you must define what 
dependencies could put you in trouble (then, you have to update the XX 
package too)... I think that you can get the file directly of FTP site 
(better if you have a DSL).
Now I just wish you good lucky :)
Also, you can use the apt4rpm (looks good) that is simpler and better...
For this reason (and anothers) I'm really thinking to change to 
gentoo/vidalinux or debian/ubuntu...
Apt-get or emerge? I'm doubt! lol
Some suggestion? ;)

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