[Scribus] Scribus GTK

Steven Boothe steven
Thu Feb 10 18:47:05 CET 2005

>>It seems I'm out of luck finding a win32 port.
> Yup (though IIRC there _was_ some work with Cygwin. I don't know what
> the status of that is.) Even the MacOS/X port requires an X server for
> 1.2.x . Fingers crossed that 1.3 won't, though the gdk-pixbuf stuff
> might make that hard.

Actually there are some folks that have done this over at the kde-cygwin 
project at sourceforge. In fact they have a working native port of QT3 
to windows in the works. I've been working on getting this working 
myself with the interest of putting together a how-to for us folks 
interested in using scribus in micros~1 windows land.

If or when I get this accomplished you can be sure I will be posting the 
news here with the appropriate link to the wiki page.



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