[Scribus] CMYK Handling

Samudra Reiher maillist
Wed Feb 9 11:50:39 CET 2005


at first thanks to the developers for the wonderfull work you have done.

I own a small company for design and print work and planning to produce 
a new magazine completely with Scribus under FreeBSD 5.3.

The main problem I have is that my customers send their ads as CMYK-TIFF 
or CMYK-PDF. Place them in scribus works, but on the softproof in 
Acrobat and on a calibrated proof system with BestColor and Epson 
printer the colors of these imported ads looks horrible and colors 
failing. The export from scribus for these tests are done with EPS/PDF 
with and without color management, both dont work.

Is there any trick to do for this job or is it not possible?

If its not possible, may I can write a patch for this function?


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