[Scribus] No more changelogs on scribus.org? CVS ebuild?

Sebastian Roeder sebastian.roeder
Tue Feb 8 18:14:49 CET 2005

I?am back after a long time on the ML - this means there is o new 
project (school magazin once again, for my old school while I am on the 
university now).

A lot changed in the time beeing, I am a Gentoo user for about 6 month. 
I run the 1.2.1 scribus version at the moment but have always used the 
CVS in the past. Is there an CVS ebuild around for Scribus or do I have 
to "relearn" to comple manualy ;-)

Second question is about the recend changes in CVS - I do not know 
what`s going on, because the Changelog on scribus.org is still 1.2.1cvs 
from 2005-07-01. Why isn`t this updated anymore (or replaced by 1.3cvs)?

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