[Scribus] Short Word and Hyphen Dic

Tue Feb 8 10:45:08 CET 2005

> Hi guys.
> How can I translate the short word to my language (pt_BR) ? (I edited 
> the scribus-short-word.rc, correct?). Also, could I use the 
> OpenOffice 
> hyphen dic into Scribus and have no problem with it?
> Regards.
> Ludi.

hi Ludi.
Short words is in the main CVS tree now. I'm not planning to release any independent package
anymore. Of course you can use your own rc file.
RC file isn't "translation" it's "localisation". You can specifi there what to do for your language.
You can translate it in language related TS file in PO directory. It's translation for the whole app.

ad dict - I'm not sure how OOo uses hyphen dicts. I took teTeX one for my Czech port.


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