[Scribus] neo office import [was presentation]

Riku Leino riku
Tue Feb 8 03:30:26 CET 2005

Steve Herrick wrote:
> Is it safe to assume (the next version of) Scribus will import it?
> Sorry if this has come up and I wasn't paying attention...
> Steve

Tried importing odt file with the current Writer importer and text 
imported fine all formatting was lost. It did import paragraph styles 
If i've understood this right odt is strongly based on OO.o 1.0 document 
format. It probably wouldn't be that much work. I would appreciate if 
someone could point me a link where differencies between these two file 
formats are highlighted.

There's a nice and (hopefully) easy to use api in Scribus for building 
importers for formatted text. If anybody is interested have a look at page
Feel free to send me an email if you have a question about building your 
own Get Text importer or if you want to spare my time for other work and 
want to make odt importer ;)


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