[Scribus] scribalbum.py update

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Feb 7 20:59:10 CET 2005

Well, it's coming together.
I can happily report that the setScaleToFrame command is working as 
advertised*, AND furthermore, redrawAll actually works, so none of this 
clunky saveAs(), closeDoc(), openDoc() business.

I'll be going to London for a few days next week; I hope to have a 
prototype posted for Craig Ringer to cleanup before I leave.  Very 
useful for straightening out my tkinter work.

Even if no one else in interested in the scribalbum as an absolute 
concept, I think it does some things with Scribus that other scripts 
haven't, and therefore would be illustrative of some possibilities for 
others to take off on.


* But make sure you keep your CVS uptodate!  Anything before about 1 Feb 
doesn't have it.

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