[Scribus] Interesting article

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Mon Feb 7 00:29:19 CET 2005

 > Actually, what would even be _better_ would be:
 > "Scribus Users and Developer's Conference" or "Open Publishing 
 > Conference - 2006"
 > Summer 2006 - Europe (that's where the devels all live now).
 > Including other OSS devels.

Great idea! Bring together all of the FOSS folks concerned with 
different aspects of publishing: scribus, inkscape, sodipodi, Gimp, 
TeX/LaTeX/LyX, ghostscript, CUPS, OOo ... Even Closed Source companies 
as Adobe or Pantone (maybe not Quark, for reasons well known to 
everybody), manufacturers of printing equipment should be invited to 
discuss problems, prospects and solutions.

Scribus, inkscape and Gimp have shown that there's a future for DTP in 
FOSS (or the other way around), and from the list I have learned that 
even a lot of Apple's customers are already using scribus.

A conference would be a great starting point to coordinate the efforts 
and to establish contacts with 'traditional' businesses (which will be 
crucial for the growth of businesses built on FOSS, I suppose).


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