[Scribus] Any plans for WMF inclusion?

Philipp Wagner lists
Mon Feb 7 00:16:44 CET 2005

Dave Spagnol wrote:
> I have literally thousands of files in *.wmf format, the product of a misspent 
> youth!
> The only program that seems to convert them properly to a format usable in 
> Scribus (EPS) is OOdraw. Inkscape seems to get the colours wrong and the 
> layers in the wrong order. So does every other Linux program suggesting that 
> the problem lies in libwmf.

That's more than true unfortunateley. I had the same problem some time 
ago, and OO.org was the only app I found which produced acceptable 
output for wmf-files.

> OOo is issued under a two licences, the LGPL and the 'Sun Industry Standards 
> Source License'. Is it possible to locate and work from the WMF import in 
> OOdraw to get a working WMF import into Scribus?

Or better, get it into libwmf, so that all applications benefit from it :-)


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