[Scribus] Found Story Editor !!!

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun Feb 6 20:21:58 CET 2005

>I just wrote that I couldn't find the story editor in my Mac 
>Scribus. Somehow, I have suddenly managed to find it. Some one must 
>have intervened :)
>Is Automatic Text Boxes and multi-column Page creation supposed to work?

Hi Howard,

1. Auto text frame is an option at creation stage of a new document. 
Just check the box :)
2. Multi-column is available in the same dialog box and will affect 
the auto text frame.
3. You can also set the text frame preference in 
Settings>Preferences>Tools and make all new text frame you draw 
manually with # of columns of your choice, plus specify gutter width.
4. # of columns and gutter (or columns width - a toggle option) can 
be set at will in Properties>Shape

HTH and welcome to Scribus!


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