[Scribus] ISO page sizes

Jean-Jacques Sarton jj.sarton
Sat Feb 5 08:43:28 CET 2005


Louis Desjardins schrieb:
>> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>> I would think that points came about as part of an effort to have a 
>>> unit small enough to measure useful font sizes in whole numbers.
>> It's always good to be able to respond to your own emails with better 
>> information.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typographic_unit -- 
>> some tidbits follow.
>> Well, Louis Desjardins will be interested to learn that the whole 
>> concept and execution of points in typography is quite French -- 
>> Fran?ois-Ambroise Didot came up with this in about 1783 as a 
>> modification of an idea by Pierre Simon Fournier.  Didot's 
>> modification based the measurement on the standard French Royal inch, 
>> or pouce (Fournier was a little less precise).
>> The American Point System came about in 1886, but was based on the 
>> original idea of Fournier -- 1/6 of an inch (American) is a pica, 1/12 
>> of a pica is a point. Or at least conceptually.  Then, as now, Big 
>> Business will have its say, and some influential type foundries had 
>> their own ideas and therefore it was decided that 83 picas = 35 mm 
>> (how do you like the math of that?).
> Delightful.
> The part I like most, I think, is: "it was decided"...
> Louis
I think that Scribus has to calculate all in pt (1/72 inch) and convert
the result into the dipslay unit.  This is what happen and is, for
my feeling OK.


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