[Scribus] ISO page sizes

Owen rcook
Fri Feb 4 22:51:18 CET 2005

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 20:18:33 +0100
Petr Van_k <petr at yarpen.cz> wrote:

> > Actually, I'd suggest that scribus do all internal calculations in
> > angstroms.
> > A millimeter is exactly 10,000,000 angstroms and an inch is exactly
> > 254,000,000 angstroms and a point is exactly 3,527,777.78 ... Oh, never
> > mind.
> no, no, no! it will be counted in armstrongs. 1ams = 100 satchmos.
> huh, time to rest :)

I am amazed at this thread, very educational. 

However I suspect if the original poster had done his calculations against the length of a metre as defined by the 1790 French Revolutionary government, he would never had asked the question in the first place.

Maybe CD distros could inclued an atom of krypton gazing sexily upon a beryllium atom to synchronize all measurements in all programs for all time.

Or knowing the Scribus programmers, maybe krypton.h will be written to set paper sizes to the last tenthousandzillionith of a millimetre.

Me, I'll just stick to ye olde wooden ruler (in inches), a bit of mental arithmetic and hope that it'll be right!


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