[Scribus] problem with two columns

wayne iw
Fri Feb 4 17:50:59 CET 2005

On Friday 04 February 2005 03:59 am, Louis Desjardins wrote:

> >On Thursday 03 February 2005 06:41 pm, stu seven wrote:
> >>  *** yes, thank you wayne... well, Im not sure, because what
> >>  *** I have is the default set from columns menu item... I dont
> >>  *** know, but I can see two red outlines for where the columns
> >>  *** should be... and can import text separately to either... just
> >>  *** that the right side column isnt working with this.
> >
> >Columns menu?  Where is that? Properties > Shape? The default here is one
> >column. How do you get a two column default?
> Settings>Preferences>Tools
> Clicking of the text frame icon will bring up fields where you can
> set the default text frame settings: number of columns and gap are
> one of them!
> Louis

Hmmm. You're correct. It slipped by me. However, the default is still one 
column. How can you get 2 columns by using the default values? Just trying to 
figure out how he got into his predicament. 

Sounds like he has 2 separate text frames ("...see 2 columns with red 
outlines") and both of them are selected. If so, then text will only be able 
to be imported into the first selected frame (in this case, the first 


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