[Scribus] ISO page sizes

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Feb 4 15:40:36 CET 2005

>  > No, the page sizes should be correct to the spec, for sure. 
>However, a mm and
>>  a pt dont relate well.
>>  1 postscript pt = 1/72 in, = 0.352777777 mm
>>  1 TeX pt = 1/72.27in, = 0.3514589035mm
>Hmm,a TeX pt, strange... however, this is not as easy as I thought
>>  and then theres the other, older versions.
>>  What dont you think shouldnt be what way? I would hope that you 
>>dont mean all
>>  our measurements be done in MM? (Even tho I'm a metric kinda guy 
>>myself, I do
>>  realise pts are where its at in printing)
>Actually I did. I mean maybe you're right on pts being the standard so
>far, but there's no point for this really. The metric system is a lot
>better. Actually the only thing I don't use it for so far is font
>sizes... I'm just used to pts there, but e.g. stroke widths I like in mm
>a lot more.
>So even though most proprietary DTPs will stick to Inches, for two more
>years or more, I think open software should move to the metric system.
>I'm sure, most designers wouldn't mind, actually all non US designers
>will like it.

Metric system is a good system. No questions. But for some reasons 
the US didn't fall in love with it and still go by inches. So the US 
(and Canadian) paper industry. Web rolls, cut sheets, 8-plate, 
4-plate etc. all these are measured in inches. A4 and the like 
formats are not used in North America. Consequently, DTP apps will 
have to offer users inches as one of the units for years to come.

On top of that, lots (all?) of us here (I mean North America as a 
whole) use picas and points as a daily measurement unit. Just as a 
hint, a letter size document is 51p x 66p ... convert this to mm... 
Also, one pica is 12 points so again, very easy for people dealing 
with English measures (12 inches in a foot). But I acknowledge there 
are all kinds of issues with fractions of inches which are of common 
(very common) use, everyday! Ever heard of an 8 1/8 X 10 7/8 
document? Funny isn't it!? But this is everyday business here. Again, 
why would we convert this to mm? Talk about running into problems, 
head down!

There is no point imo to discuss what is better or not in an absolute 
way. The fact is users don't control this part of their environment, 
set by a whole industry. I guess there is no point using Letter size 
in countries that use the metric system! Use A4 instead and 
everything will run smoothly.

Anyway, just my little thought on this.

Just an idea: add the ability to use fractions in the unit fields and 
it'll be perfect! And continue to let user decide! Freely!



>But whatever.
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