[Scribus] ISO page sizes

David Christian Berg david
Fri Feb 4 14:26:42 CET 2005

> No, the page sizes should be correct to the spec, for sure. However, a mm and 
> a pt dont relate well.
> 1 postscript pt = 1/72 in, = 0.352777777 mm
> 1 TeX pt = 1/72.27in, = 0.3514589035mm

Hmm,a TeX pt, strange... however, this is not as easy as I thought

> and then theres the other, older versions.
> What dont you think shouldnt be what way? I would hope that you dont mean all 
> our measurements be done in MM? (Even tho I'm a metric kinda guy myself, I do 
> realise pts are where its at in printing)

Actually I did. I mean maybe you're right on pts being the standard so
far, but there's no point for this really. The metric system is a lot
better. Actually the only thing I don't use it for so far is font
sizes... I'm just used to pts there, but e.g. stroke widths I like in mm
a lot more.
So even though most proprietary DTPs will stick to Inches, for two more
years or more, I think open software should move to the metric system.
I'm sure, most designers wouldn't mind, actually all non US designers
will like it.

But whatever.


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