[Scribus] Scribus Export to PDF

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Tue Feb 1 19:23:50 CET 2005

Russ a ?crit :

> I am doing a four page bulletin. I've done it twice now and one time it came 
> out good, the other the some of the fonts printed real light. I take a PDF 
> file to the copy center and they feed it to the copy machine. Which is better 
> for creating the PDF in this case. Save as a WEB/Screen or for printer? I 
> cannot remember which I used the first time when it came out good. Looking at 
> either on the screen they looked good and local on my Epson printer they 
> printed fine.
> Thanks for any comments.

Hi Russ,

Sounds like a font issue.
You have to make sure your fonts are embedded.
There is a check box for that in the Font panel of PDF export.
The Web/Screen vs Printer settings is about color, not about type, afaik.


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