[Scribus] Image size

frank gaude' tanzen
Sat Dec 31 16:47:17 CET 2005

Yes, it's that way up to 1.3.2cvs, date 22 Dec 2005. I've inserted 
images up to about 2 megs into Scribus without any trouble. In 
Properties, the "Scale To Frame Size" with the "Proportional" checked is 
most useful.

Happy New Year to all from the USA.


Peter Shand wrote:

>In - In the Properties Window click on Image and there is a 
>check box there saying "Scale to Frame Size" and an additional one 
>saying proportional. Works for me. Don't know if the procedure is the 
>same in later versions.
>Happy New Year to all of you from Scotland.
>Jesus Arocho wrote:
>>hat must I do to get an image to be displayed in its entirety within a frame?  
>>I am using jpg images, the image file size is about 4M.  Must I reduce the 
>>image within Gimp first?

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