[Scribus] Thai text

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Dec 29 06:42:23 CET 2005

Santhana Sriwanthana wrote:
> Hi, Craig
> my freind tell me that many programes on Linux use ICU for text 
> rendering and word wrapping and now Thai language is on ICU already. 
> does scribus use ICU ? or use other procedure.

Some discussion of the issues can be found in this set of related bugs:


A quick look over the ICU documentation suggests that it might be 
useful, as it doesn't insist on doing rendering like Pango. It doesn't 
really match what Scribus needs though (a flexible, extensible 
internationalized text layout engine with support for multiple colour 
spaces and capable of producing vector output). I don't know if it could 
be used as a part of such a system... but I'm sure Andreas will have 
looked at it, and if he's not using it it'll be for a good reason.

Internationalized text layout for scripts that can't be treated like 
latin is important, and is being worked on. Like many things, it comes 
down to available time more than anything else.

Craig Ringer

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