[Scribus] printer's imprint

Christian Zwahlen zdesign
Wed Dec 28 20:46:56 CET 2005


Am Samstag, den 24.12.2005, 21:23 +0100 schrieb Christoph Sch?fer:
> Copy the code from the web page into a text editor and save as 
> whatever_you_think_appropriate.py, copy the python file into the scribus 
> scripts or examples directory and run it from within scribus.

Ok, the programm to start scribus is in Suse Linux 9.2 in 
- "/usr/local/bin/scribus"
the original scribus program source is in the "home" directory 
- "/scribus-1.3.1/scribus/"

But, I can not find a directory "scripts" or something. 
Or in

I copy a test file (test.py) in this directory, and now..? How can I run
it? (My Scribus don?t have a menu "Scripts").


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