[Scribus] Scribus + TeX combo.

Gregory Novak novak
Thu Dec 15 18:37:23 CET 2005

A note while people are on the subject: I recently wanted to print
address labels, which involves placing ~80 of the same thing on a

I originally used TeX for this, since it's trivially easy to write a
script that reproduces the address 80 times.  Getting the labels
exactly placed on the page eventually made this approach too
frustrating.  I'm sure a TeX expert could get it to work, but not me.

I then did it in Scribus by making an EPS file with the address and
making ~80 pictures pointing to the same EPS file.  This worked fine
in this case, but I can't help thinking that some power is lost by not
having a full fledged scripting mechanism available. 

For example, I have a bunch of digital photos and it'd be nice to use
Scribus to lay it out a photo album for them.  However, I don't know
how to effectivley script together the text, photos, etc.  I do,
however, know how to do this for TeX, so that's what I'm using now.

This is just food for thought, and not very profound at that.  I'm
sure people are thinking about this, implementation is not trivial,
and I have no idea how to implement it effectively myself.  But food
for thought nonetheless.


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