[Scribus] x86_64

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Dec 11 22:57:44 CET 2005

On Sunday 11 December 2005 22:45, andrew at kellerfarm.com wrote:
> >>> Motherboard snuffed it on Monday, so I took the plunge and went
> >>> 64 bit. Bloody amazing at the speed Scribus now works at. It was
> >>> fast before, but it's like hot brown goo off a shovel!
> >>
> >> that's on linux, right?
> >
> > Given it's me, yep.
> okay, just making sure that time isn't going faster than I think...
> (i'm using osx, and right about now, I'm very happy that I use a high
> level programming language...  most of the c++ people I know are
> going nuts)
> Just out of curiosity, from a programming standpoint, will Apple's
> switch to x86 be a piece of cake for Scribus?  I'm no expert on low
> level programming, but I'm guessing that even with the same processor
> family, operating system differences keep the platforms at least
> somewhat separate...

Wont be much different at all. The OSX GUI will still be the same and the 
underlying architecture will be x86, both of which Scribus runs on now. We 
mostly rely on Qt anyway.


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