[Scribus] frantic noobie questions

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Aug 31 21:24:52 CEST 2005

Christoph Sch?fer a ?crit :

> Hi John,
>> 1. Margins.  What confuses me is that the margin setting seem to be
>> used in two different paradigms: for some people, the margins are a
>> "rule" -- defining a clipping region outside of which nothing is
>> printed; for others, the margins are a guideline, and the clipping
>> region is the edge of the page.  My inclination would be to use margin
>> settings as guidelines for the main body of the material, so I will
>> have a headline above the margins.  Is this purely a matter of taste,
>> or are there serious traps lurking here?
> Actually, there is a lot to say about margins, because it has to deal 
> with print space, white space and other parts of a page - layout basics. 
> I recommend a good book on typography or page layout. As an alternative, 
> please read Niyam Bhushan's tutorial on scribus.org.uk. It was written 
> for 1.1.6, but you still can learn a lot from it, including the use of 
> margins and guides.

Hi John,

I just want to add very little bits here on margins to what Christoph, 
Howard and Peter have said :

Please note that afaik bleed is not yet implemented (it's a feature to 
come in 1.3+). There are workarounds to this (please look up in the list 

Also, the page size is the trim size but this doesn't mean all printers 
can print this whole area. I you intend to go to press, you will also 
find useful to obtain advice from the print shop on *security* margins. 
These will take into consideration the tolerance of the equipment, 
especially at trim or binding time and will tell you just how close to 
the edge it is safe to but important information. It is for instance not 
a good idea to put important information too close to the edge of the 
paper as they could simply disappear in the finishing process (get cut 
off or disappear in the binding...). Just how close you can go, this I 
call the *security* margin.

Working with guides along with master pages is great.



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