[Scribus] HELP!! Scribus 1.3 "can't write the PDF file"

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Aug 31 20:46:34 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 31 August 2005 20:32, Robert R. Di Giorgio wrote:
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> >Subject: Re: [Scribus] HELP!! Scribus 1.3 "can't write the PDF file"
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> >Dnia ?roda, 31 sierpnia 2005 07:14, Robert R. Di Giorgio napisa?:
> >>>I didn't mention: my OS is FC4.
> >>
> >>I'm still stuck on this same problem. If I can't Scribus to write the
> >>PDF file, I'll have no choice but to find a more reliable DP
> >>application, even if I have to go back to Windows stuff. I was really
> >>hoping Scribus and Linux would work for me.
> >>
> >>Can anyone help?
> >
> >Please give a backtrace or something. Maybe try running Scribus with:
> >strace -o debug.txt scribus
> >and search in this file for any hints as of why it doesn't write your
> > file. If you are unfamilliar with it, you can send the trace to me, and
> > I'll see if I can help more.
> >
> >BTW - why do you use Scribus 1.3 for production work? What has the
> >*development* version what 1.2.x doesn't have and that you seriously need?
> I ran: strace -o debug.txt scribus, and when Scribus opened I opened the
> file and attempted to write the PDF file, with the same results. But
> afterward, I could not find the debug.txt file. Is that it's correct name?
> The feature that 1.8 has and I believe 1.2.x doesn't have it text frame
> connecting. That's very useful for my 24-page publication, with several
> articles running from 2 to 8 pages.
> Do you have any other suggestions?

Look again locally. 

Thanks for sending me your sla.gz. I have  loaded it into 1.3.1cvs and 
exported it first time. No issues.

Check you have read permissions on all of the images, font files, and write 
permissions and enough space in the location you are writing it to.

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