[Scribus] HELP!! Scribus 1.3 "can't write the PDF file"

Robert R. Di Giorgio bobdi
Wed Aug 31 20:32:14 CEST 2005

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>Dnia ?roda, 31 sierpnia 2005 07:14, Robert R. Di Giorgio napisa?:
>>>I didn't mention: my OS is FC4.
>>I'm still stuck on this same problem. If I can't Scribus to write the
>>PDF file, I'll have no choice but to find a more reliable DP
>>application, even if I have to go back to Windows stuff. I was really
>>hoping Scribus and Linux would work for me.
>>Can anyone help?
>Please give a backtrace or something. Maybe try running Scribus with:
>strace -o debug.txt scribus
>and search in this file for any hints as of why it doesn't write your file.
>If you are unfamilliar with it, you can send the trace to me, and I'll see if 
>I can help more.
>BTW - why do you use Scribus 1.3 for production work? What has the 
>*development* version what 1.2.x doesn't have and that you seriously need?
I ran: strace -o debug.txt scribus, and when Scribus opened I opened the 
file and attempted to write the PDF file, with the same results. But 
afterward, I could not find the debug.txt file. Is that it's correct name?

The feature that 1.8 has and I believe 1.2.x doesn't have it text frame 
connecting. That's very useful for my 24-page publication, with several 
articles running from 2 to 8 pages.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Bob Di Giorgio
San Diego, California

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