[Scribus] HELP!! Scribus 1.3 "can't write the PDF file"

Thomas Koll tomk32
Mon Aug 29 12:42:16 CEST 2005

Am 29.08.2005 um 10:06 schrieb Robert R. Di Giorgio:

> I have September's issue done, 825.5 KB, all fonts embedded,  
> preflight verifier says "No problems found", but when I click on  
> Save in the PDF window, I get an immediate message from Scribus  
> that it "cannot write the file".  The hourglass continues to turn,  
> so I gave it time to see if it was writing the file anyway, but it  
> didn't finish in an hour and I gave up.
> I checked to make sure there wasn't another file of the same name  
> in the folder. I made sure all the fonts that are in the document  
> were embedded, I have plenty of memory and hard drive space.

How about the access rights to the directory? try a different one,  
preferably in your home directory.

ciao, tom


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