[Scribus] Announcement: lprof 1.10 released

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Aug 29 08:13:23 CEST 2005

Hi folks

Hal Engel posted this to OpenICC recently. I thought folks here would be
interested in the news:

On August 15, 2005 the LPROF project was created in SourceForge.net.
This project will continue the work started by Marti Maria, the author
of lcms, on the Little CMS Profiler. 
LPROF is the only open source ICC profiler with a graphical user
interface. It can be used to create profiles for cameras, scanners and
monitors. As such it fills a necessary niche in the emerging open source
color management effort.  

On August 23 LPROF-1.10 became available on SourceForge,net 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/lprof . This is basically a maintenance 
release of lprof-1.09 which has been available in many Linux distros.

The updated version has had the following changes: 
1. Updated build system. It has not been autotoolized yet. But it now
installs and un-installs cleanly.   Most of the work on the cleaned up
make files was done by Craig Ringer.
2. The Mark Rubin patches are now included. No need to patch the code
3. It now supports tiff files in the measurement tool for IT8.7 images. 
4. Misc code and documentation cleanup and a few minor bug fixes.

There are more improvements planned for LPROF in the future and much
work remains to be done.  Anyone interested in contributing to the
effort should feel free to contact me or any others working on the
project. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. 

Hal Engel


The current goal is to make lprof easier to build and install, and to
improve the user interface. More work is progressing, and contributions
would be much appreciated. Lprof is a relatively simple Qt based
project, so its feasable to work on even if you're pretty new to, or
rusty with, C++ . Work on documentation would also be appreciated.

Craig Ringer

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