[Scribus] CVS dirs for 1.2.3 and 1.3.1 / using user fonts only

Sebastian Röder sebastian.roeder
Fri Aug 26 23:23:37 CEST 2005

Hello and soory for this 2-in-1 post, but I think my questions can easily be 

First, I could not find an answer on the homepage how I can tell CVS to check 
the 1.2.3 CVS or the 1.3.1 CVS - well I will install both in paralell, but 
with the CVS comments on the Scribus Doc page, do I get 1.2.3 CVS or 1.3.1 
CVS - and what do I have to change to get the other one as well?

Second, I've read the Docs regarding the fonts, have installed some fonts in 
my local (user) font dir with KDE and now want to tell Scribus to take only 
fonts from this font dir - this means disabeling all the /usr/share/... 
fonts. Do I realy have to uncheck them all one by one (I can not even select 
them all with shift)?

Last question (optional) is whether there are realy bad problems with 1.3.1 
CVS - I want to do some school newspaper stuff ~ 30 pages, I have enough time 
so deal with some gliches (and the 1.3 double page layout would save a lot of 
time for me), so as long as there are no serious pdf export problems, I would 
give it a try, I think.

Ahhh, maybe some of you DTP pros have a recommendation regarding (free) font 
families that are nice for school magazins - I mean good to read in an A4 
sized magazin and with a fresh look, cause we are the young ;-) All that typo 
stuff is very interessting but confusing as well ...   

OK, thanks in advance - I'm looking forward for my "hands on" Scribus 1.3.1 
CVS, looks so promissing ...


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