[Scribus] Encoding problem with rich Type1 font

Ralf Stubner ralf.stubner
Tue Aug 23 19:09:35 CEST 2005


I am currently developing a set of Type1 fonts with a rich set of
glyphs. Small caps, old-style figures etc are contained within one PFB
file per shape/weight. The glyph naming follows the new guidlines from
Adobe, ie, a.sc instead of Asmall, one.oldstyle instead of oneoldstyle
etc. A simple way to get a font like this is to run 'cfftot1' on, eg,
MinionPro-Regular.otf. If I try to use either one of my fonts or the
such created MinionPro-Regular.pfb together with scribus (version 1.2.1
from Debain Sarge as well as versions and
1.3.0+cvs20050801 from debian.scribus.net), I get a wierd mixture of
normal lowercase and small cap glyphs. For example, in 'Dies ist ein
Blindtext', all occurences of 'i', 'n', 's' and 't' are actually small
caps glyphs, while 'd', 'e', 'l' and 'x' are normal lowercase glyphs. A
similar mixture occurs among the figures and accented letters.

This happens both on screen and when producing a PDF file. Converting
the PDF to PS using pdftops one can see that the encoding vector used
indeed contain a simingly random mixture of different glyphs:


instead of


In my experinece this problem can easily reporduced with the mentioned
MinionPro-Regular.pfb. I can, however, provide example files for this
problem if needed.


PS: Please CC me in replies, as I am not yet subscribed to this ML.

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