[Scribus] Scribus 1.3 - Frame linking

Robert R. Di Giorgio bobdi
Wed Aug 24 07:19:20 CEST 2005

I publish a monthly 24-page booklet (my church newsletter) in Scribus 
1.3. I use a lot of frame linking: some articles extend over 2 to 8 
pages. Linking works most of the time, but not always, and I want to 
make sure I'm doing it correctly.

I usually link frames by clicking on the current frame, clicking on the 
link icon, clicking on the next frame. 

I notice that the link icon  is marked (N) and the unlink icon in marked 
(U),  but I can't  make either  of those  letters do anything.  Cntl-N  
opens a new document.  I haven't tried all the cntl-alt-shift 
combinations, prefer to ask the question.

I just noticed today that clicking on the icon turns it on and off, but 
I don't see that affecting the linking other than maybe turning the 
markers on and off.

I presently have 6 links open, but I'm having trouble making the next 
link, from page 17 to 18. There is an old link (from last month's issue) 
from page 18 to 21, that I can't get rid of. Is this the reason I can't 
make the 17-18 link? I've tried unlinking on 18 and 21, and on the mark 
itself, but I can't get rid of it. (It may turn off, but reappears 
later.) How do I delete the link?

I make up each new issue by saving the previous issue as a new name, 
then deleting the material that will be changed (most of the body text, 
pictures) leaving the material that will be reused (article headings, 
text frames, borders, etc.) Is there a way to delete all links? Should I 
delete all linked frames?

Any suggestions how to do this better?

Thanks. Bob Di Giorgio

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