[Scribus] Some additions to the Glossary at Scribus Wiki

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Aug 20 16:52:06 CEST 2005

 After working on a database of the glossary items, I have added two new 
features to the Wiki:

The first is a table listing HTML codes for various non-English letters, 
as a reference for adding entries to the Glossary. HTML codes are 
preferred for browsers that do not recognize Unicode.


The second is a relisting of the Glossary itself, in tabular form, 
indexed by German.  At this point, English and German are by far the 
most complete. I can add other-language-indexed tables when their 
entries reach some "critical mass."


This table, as well as the Glossary itself are freely editable.  Please 
use HMTL codes for non-English letters.  I will try to keep the 
German-indexed table up to date, but for those with the urge to dive in, 
here is a link to help understand tables in MediaWiki format:


which will also be helpful should you wish to add a table somewhere else 
in the Wiki.


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