[Scribus] Scribus Display

Peter Ulrich peterulrich
Wed Aug 17 19:58:33 CEST 2005

Hello List,

this is my first mailing to Scribus List.

I'm experimenting with Scribus since June - in the beginning with
version 1.2 and now with the new Version
While working with the new version I noticed a very strange behaviour:
After opening an *.sla file the whole Scribus document appears on the
screen and than suddenly the right scrollbar lengthens and you can see
the greater part of the first page only - not the whole page, not the
whole document.
For displaying the whole document I use the trick to add an additional
page at the end of the document. The result is that I can see and work
with the whole document again - until saving and reopening of the document.

I read the list for more than a month while experimenting with Scribus.
Due to the fact that this incorrect behaviour of the display wasn't
mentioned in a mail I think that it's not a real bug in the program -
more an incorrect configuration I made?

Any hints? Thank you in advance.

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