[Scribus] the right way to update local copy of CVS

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Aug 17 07:24:20 CEST 2005

On Tue, 2005-08-16 at 16:01 -0400, David Soukal wrote:

> It happened to me several times (not only with Scribus) that I updated 
> the source tree and compiled the code only to find out that the program 
> crashes at situations where it didn't used to do that... and the only 
> help was to do "make distclean."

That's very odd.

> Is an update followed by "make && make install" OK? Is it always wrong? 
> Should I recreate the ./configure file? At what times?

You must recreate Configure and the Makefile.in files by running
Makefile.cvs whenever any of the Makefile.am files change or
configure.in.in changes. In general, it's wise to rebuild after every

If you rebuild the Makefiles, you must re-run ./configure . Again, doing
so every update is wise - it doesn't take too long, and if you don't do
it when you should it can cause weird problems.

*DO NOT* ask for help unless you have run Makefile.cvs and configure
then a build.

One thing I recommend that you consider is using `ccache'. With ccache,
it just doesn't take too long to `make distclean' then do a build, and
if you're having issues for whatever reason it should take care of them.

Craig Ringer

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